Download 2021-2023 Schemes of Work for Primary Schools in Kenya

  • Jomo Kenyatta foundation primary schemes of work,
  • KLB Schemes of work for primary schools,
  • Primary science scheme of work,
  • primary school maths scheme of work,
  • New progressive primary English schemes of work,
  • Kiswahili mufti schemes of work,
  • Kiswahili schemes of work,
  • NPPE schemes of work,

Download Schemes of Work below »


  • New CBC Report Cards
  • Form 1 Schemes of Work
  • Form 2 Schemes of Work
  • Form 3 Schemes of Work
  • Form 4 Schemes of Work
  • PP1 Schemes of Work
  • PP2 Schemes of Work
  • Grade 1 Schemes of Work
  • Grade 2 Schemes of Work
  • Grade 3 Schemes of Work
  • Grade 4 CBC Schemes of Work
  • Class 4 Schemes of Work
  • Class 5 Schemes of Work
  • Class 6 Schemes of Work
  • Class 7 Schemes of Work
  • Class 8 Schemes of Work
  • Class Notes
  • Lecture Notes
  • Study Guides
  • Form 1 Biology Topical Questions and Answers
  • Form 2 Biology Topical Questions and Answers
  • Form 3 Biology Topical Questions and Answers
  • Form 4 Biology Topical Questions and Answers
  • Form 1 Chemistry Topical Questions and Answers
  • Form 2 Chemistry Topical Questions and Answers
  • Form 3 Chemistry Topical Questions and Answers
  • Form 4 Chemistry Topical Questions and Answers
  1. CRE Standard 8 Schemes -Download
  2. CRE Standard 7 Schemes Download 
  3. CRE std 6 scheme of work 
  4. CRE Scheme std-5
  5. cre-scheme-std-4
  6. social-studies-std-8-schemes
  7. social-studies-std7-schemes
  8. social-studies-std-6-schemes
  9. social-studies-scheme-std5
  10. science-std-8-schemes
  11. science-std7-schemes
  12. science-scheme-std-5
  13. science-scheme-std-4
  14. science-schemes-std-6
  15. maths-schemes-std-6
  16. maths-schemes-std-4
  17. mathematics-std-8-schemes
  18. mathematics-std7-schemes
  19. mathematics-std-5
  20. kiswahili-std-8-schemes
  21. kiswahili-std7-schemes
  22. kiswahili-scheme-std-6
  23. kiswahili-scheme-std-5
  24. kiswahili-scheme-std-4
  25. kiswahili-schemes-std-5
  26. english-std-8-schemes
  27. english-std 7-schemes
  28. english-scheme-std-5 
  29. english-scheme-std-4 Download
  30. english-schemes-std-6 Download
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Am very thankful for the resources.


Kindly sent to the class 7&6 kiswahili schemes of work I can’t find them

Brian Omimi Moturi.

Thank You.


Kindly send me the schemes of work for class 8 new primary English for term 1 I can’t access it through the website


May God bless you abundantly


Thanks. Now post Grade 1 and 2 Schemes


Thanks a lot.Am need of Schemes for pre primary 1&2please


Good work of you please assist with schemes for pre primary 1&2.God bless you


Thanks for the resources.


Thank you so much

Vincent Kituku

Awesome a very resourceful materials


Oooh what happened to this site because you can’t download any material from here


After donating(paying) the amount, how do I download the documents?


Schemes for grades 1_3 please. Thanks


Ideal materials


Good work

Fidelis Mutua Ndolo

thank you.

Shari Kwemboi

great job but I can’t access them right now

Darren Mutunga

Am happy to meet the schemes


how do I download the schemes of work for grade one to class 8

sauel okuku

I need help for agric papers/ansers


I can’t download plz help me to get them on my watsup no have done something for Ur work guys


I have already donated but I can’t be able to get the materials, what shall I do plz??

Sophia Mumia

It’s not downloading

Morris kabiro Wanjiru

Need kcpe 2019 Kiswahili prediction

felix okemwa

not able to download help


am not able to download please help me couse i had donate for


please guys help me on how to get these schemes


How can I get these schemes please

Kiprop Simeon

I request for Kiswahili std 6 schemes. Hope am going to have 2020 schemes of work since the syllabus is new.

peter kahiga

please can i get schemes for class 8,7,5 2020


not able to download help


please send me science schemes of work for class 8


std 5 science scheme?

joseph kiarie

Thank you for the tips