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Form 3 Business studies topics & Notes

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Form 3 Business studies topics & Notes

High School level Business course notes and test papers.

Demand and Supply

  • Meaning of demand
  • Factors which influence demand for a product
  • Derived demand and joint demand
  • Demand schedule and demand curve
  • Movement along a demand curve and shift in a demand curve
  • Meaning of supply
  • Factors which influence supply of a product
  • Supply schedule and supply curve
  • Movement along a supply curve and shift in a supply curve
  • Equilibrium price and quantity
  • Excess demand and excess supply
  • Effects of shift in a demand curve and shift in a supply curve on equilibrium price and quantity
  • Other methods of determining price of a product

Size and Location of a Firm

  • The concept of a firm and an industry
  • Decision on what goods and services to produce
  • Determining the size of a firm
  • Location of a firm
  • Localization and delocalization of firms in an economy
  • Economies and diseconomies of scale
  • Existence of small firms in an economy
  • Implications of production activities on the environment and community health
  • Maintain healthy environments


Product Markets

  • Meaning of a market
  • Meaning of product market
  • Features of various types of product markets

Chain of Distribution

  • Meaning of distribution
  • Channels of distribution
  • Intermediaries in the distribution chain
  • Distribution of various products
  • Choosing a distribution channel

National Income

  • Meaning of national income
  • The circular flow of income
  • Methods of measuring national income
  • Problems encountered in measuring national income
  • Uses of national income statistics
  • Factors which influence the level of national income

Population and Employment

  • Basic concepts in population
  • Implication of population size and structure on development
  • Employment and unemployment
  • Types and causes of unemployment
  • Solving unemployment problems


Net Worth of A Business

Business Transactions

  • Meaning of a business transaction
  • Cash and credit transactions
  • Cash and credit transactions
  • Effects of transactions on the balance sheet
  • Causes of changes in capital
  • Initial and final capital of a business

The Ledger

  • Meaning and purpose of a ledger
  • Concept of double entry
  • Meaning and format of a ledger account
  • Rules of posting of various ledger accounts
  • Recording business transaction in the ledger accounts
  • Balancing a ledger account
  • The trial balance
  • Purpose and limitations of a trial balance
  • Classification of ledger accounts
  • Types of ledgers

The Cash Book

  • Meaning and purpose of a cash book
  • Basic types of cash books
  • Contra entry
  • Preparation of a cash book





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